"It's all about ME!"


Snow Bundle


My how things have changed since my first day of school!
I was treated to a walk down the "Red Carpet" today, and there was a DJ playing music for us kids
as we were dropped off in the parking lot at the school!
Very cool Newcastle!

October 2011

August 2011
"Showin the crowd how this is done..."

July 2011
"Just Cruzin..."

July 2011
Just can't pass up a photo op with an M!

July 2011
Snuggling with Dad after swim practice.

July 2011
Taking control of Dad's microphone at his 2011 IKF World Classic Kickboxing Tournament.

July 2011
Really now... I can DO THIS!

July 2011
"Hey look, me on a carousel, that's strange..."

June 2011
At The Pirate Festival - How High Is She?
The guy standing below is on top of the trampoline and
standing on a platform that was about 4' off the ground!!
Oh, and he's about 6'1" - 6'2"...
Laughing and Giggling the entire time, along with saying, "Higher! Higher!"

May 2011
"Lined up for my 2nd number on opening night of the Willie Wonka."

May 2011
"Getting ready for my next act in my "Raindrop" costume for the Willie Wonka."

April 2011
"Learning to do something I'm sure I won't like to do in my Teens..."

April 2011
"Guard that Cup Cake with your LIFE GIRL!..."

April 2011
"Getting in some rock climbing! Made it to the top by myself TWICE... Been there, done that!"

April 2011
"A little Dinner & a Show....."

April 2011
"Hangin out with Megan & Adam"

February Snow! 2011
What fun February snow can bring! :)

"Ah Ya.... I'm a snow Bunny..."

"ahhhh... Drop the camera mom and PUSH ME!"

"Working on my very own Fallyn Angel..."

Las Vegas Action... 2011

"Catching up on my Flying Lessons"

Taken a pose at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada...
Would you believe dad wouldn't let me play the shinny, sparkling games!
What a bore...

Working at the Office...

I love hearts...

On the Pageant Road with my friend Megan....
I think we let our moms come too...

Who doesn't love a crown...

Striking a pose for mom...

What could I be thinking...?

Mom and I love Wolves...

Meeee... At "4"